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Carboxytherapy, i.e. the infusion of medical carbon dioxide CO2, is a procedure that has recently been very popular and appreciated.

How it’s working? Medical carbon dioxide is supplied from a certified cylinder supplied by an authorized manufacturer. The amount of gas is precisely measured and administered intradermally or subcutaneously using a very thin needle (insulin needle). The treatment causes a rapid expansion of blood vessels and an increase in blood flow with nutrients. Thus, microcirculation and cell renewal are improved. The response to this process is an inflammatory reaction, which leads to the stimulation of collagen production.

Carboxytherapy will help to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, reduce wrinkles and scars. Another advantage is the mechanical breakdown of fatty deposits and skin remodeling. The accompanying effect is the shortening of collagen fibers, which results in increased skin elasticity. Changes are visible immediately. They are surprising, comparable to surgical procedures. Fat cells are also very sensitive to CO2 injections. Carbon dioxide introduced into adipose tissue partially changes into carbonic acid, which dissolves fat cells. Increased blood supply leads to increased lymphatic drainage of the treated area, improvement of metabolism and excretion of the released fat. This process leads to a reduction in the number of fat cells and body shaping. On the other hand, the renewal of skin cells and the stimulation of skin collagen synthesis, smoothes the skin surface and removes the unsightly “orange peel” effect. Carbon dioxide is excreted from the body naturally as the end product of the body’s gas exchange. Also, the one given during the carboxytherapy procedure is transported to the lungs and then excreted, as it happens in the final stage of the physiological process of breathing.

The Polish manufacturer of carboxytherapy devices with heated, medical CO2 is the company named AYCOM, which produces the CRISS CARBO devices (table carboxytherapy) and CRISS CARBO-OXY (a combine, which includes, among others, carboxytherapy and oxybrasion). For each of them, the company provides a 3-year warranty, providing access for a service technician or transport at its own expense. Warranty and post-warranty telephone service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

AYCOM has been working closely with the Medical University of Lodz for many years, and for 2 years also with the Department of Cosmetology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Social Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

The CRISS CARBO-OXY and CRISS CARBO devices have many innovative technical solutions presented below:


PROGRAMS                                      Expert Mode      EXPERT PROGRAM

Intelligent Mode                             INTELLIGENT PROGRAM

Flow regulation                               SGF®                     Stable Gas Flow

CO2 heating                                     AGH®                   Adwanced Gas Heating

Venting                                             NAC®                   No-Air Circuit

Pressure control                             GPA®                    GPA Gas Preassure Alert

Filtering                                            OFS®                    Outer Filtration System

Control of correct operation       FT®                       Function Test

WiFi module                                    WiFi Connect     Upgrade


has a software for beginners


and for advanced users


In the INTELLIGENT MODE, the device will automatically select the treatment parameters depending on the area of ​​the body to be treated and will suggest the procedure to be performed.

EXPERT MODE enables independent selection of treatment parameters.

““When I found out about the existence of such a procedure as carboxytherapy, I started looking for a device. I searched the Internet. I have met many representatives for shows. I’ve heard a lot of opinions. I already had one gun selected when I accidentally saw a Facebook post with an advertisement for a Criss device late at night. I wrote to Mrs. Krystyna quickly and we met even faster because it was probably already on the second day at 21:00. The device and the Niewójt enchanted me and their trainer Ms. Monika is a very competent cosmetologist with great knowledge. I bought carboxytherapy together with oxybrasion in one. It is a great Polish device constructed by Mr. Wiesław. The most important thing for me is that it is economical. The company helped me buy a large original CO2 cylinder with medical gas and another one, even larger, with O2. There aren’t any here.””

Katarzyna von Engel

owner of the Velure beauty salon – Warsaw

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