The main cause of premature skin aging is an excess of free radicals (ROS). One of the treatments leading to the reduction of the amount of free radicals is the hydrogen purification treatment, performed with water with a high content of hydrogen particles. Radicals are particles containing oxygen atoms that are not paired with an electron. These are the so-called reactive oxygen species.


The main purpose of hydrogen purification is to provide the skin with water with hydrogen molecules in order to eliminate free radicals. Hydrogen molecules combine with a free radical and transform into water and oxygen.

Water with hydrogen molecules (alkaline water) is produced in hydrogen water generators (ionizers) in the process of electrolysis with the use of electric current.

The hydrogen purification device should produce hydrogen water in the generator.

In a hydrogen water generator, there are two electrodes (anode and cathode) connected to a direct dcurrent source. In the process of electrolysis, hydrogen ions move towards the cathode and hydroxide ions towards the anode. The generator tank is divided into two parts by a semi-permeable partition that prevents the mixing of acidic water with hydrogen water. The quality of hydrogen water (the amount of H2 ions) is evidenced by the negative REDOX potential (measured in mV) with the ORP meter. Water with a sufficient number of hydrogen molecules should have a potential below – 100 mV.

The CRISS Hydro-Oxy device uses a unique solution of generating hydrogen water before the purification treatment. Figure (1) of the electrolyser shows that the acidic water produced in the process of electrolysis is supplied to the waste tank and the hydrogen water is supplied to a special hydrogen water tank.

Before performing the treatment, we can check the REDOX potential of hydrogen water with an ORP meter.

The quality of the hydrogen water depends on the water used for electrolysis. This water must contain ions. Distilled or demineralized water is not suitable for electrolysis because this water conducts electricity very poorly.

Our company offers water with high ion content, dedicated to the hydrogen purification device.

With the CRISS HYDRO-OXY device, we can perform treatments with hydrogen water and any liquid cosmetic preparation. We offer a dedicated serum with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

The procedures are performed with disposable flexible polymer caps and abrasive attachments made of metal covered with diamond dust and plastic.



The CRISS HYDRO-OXY device can be equipped with an oxygen treatment module – oxybrasion, oxygen infusion and oxygen massage.

Oxybrasion is one of the most innovative methods of skin revitalization, with a special recommendation for sensitive, allergic and vascular skin. The oxybrasion treatment includes exfoliating the dead layer of the epidermis with the simultaneous application of oxygen and a stream of saline. The purpose of oxygen is to stimulate the reconstruction of collagen fibers, which improve the elasticity of the skin and capillaries, and through disinfection, inhibit the development of acne. Saline is a sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution in water. It is very effective in relieving various types of inflammation, as well as moisturizing and softening the skin.

Oxygen infusion

Oxygen infusion is an effective and efficient distribution of the cosmetic on the skin using a special nozzle with a tank containing a cosmetic. The treatment is performed using a pressure of approx. 1 bar, because a higher pressure would cause the cosmetic particles to reflect off the skin, instead of leaving it on its surface. It is a banquet procedure, very pleasant for the client, and causes that each cosmetic will be distributed in a very economical way. At the same time, it oxygenates the skin.

Oxygen Massage

Oxygen massage oxygenates the skin while gently massaging it. A pressure of 1-4 bar is used here. It is made using a special plate-shaped nozzle with a hole in the center. Oxygen massage replaces manual massage, oxygenating the skin at the same time. We also recommend it for very sensitive skins.






Water with ions should be used

We offer water dedicated to the device


BELOW – 150 mV




We offer abrasion cosmetics e.g. serum with hyaluronic acid with vitamin C.


85 kPa

Sufficient vacuum for exfoliation of the epidermis



Max pressure of the oxybrasion treatment

8 bar


Oxygen infusion pressure

1.2 bar


Oxygen massage pressure

Up to 4 bar


Oxygen source

Compressed oxygen cylinder 40L


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